entity-fishing presentation at WikiDataCon 2017

Presentation of entity-fishing at WikiDataCon 2017, Berlin, Germany.


Conference at INIST-CNRS 2017

Conference at INIST-CNRS (Nancy, France), December 2017.

Practical applications of Text-Mining in science (in French)


Presentation at LISA VIII, Library and Information Services in Astronomy, 2017 at Strasbourg, France

Presentation at the Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series, 2017, at LILLIAD Learning center Innovation, Lille, France.

Presentation at Medcamp days 2016 of the M├ędici network Paris, France (in French)

Presentation on GROBID and grobid-quantities at data4ist workshop, Paris, France (in French).

Two pages sumarry (in French):